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Made In Organic


Ready to use coir grow pots are made of natural and biodegradable coconut fibers. Available in several sizes from 2.5”, these coir cups are ideal for seed starting, pot liners or standalone pots. Can be used with seed starter trays, garden/plant kits, decorative plants and orchids. Our coir seed starter cups are 100% organic, biodegradable, environment friendly and can go directly into planter or garden, leaving roots intact and avoiding transplant shock. Holds moisture for longer and foster healthy root system. Higher resistance to mold and mildew than peat, thick and sturdy and will not fall apart. Plants, seedlings and cuttings grow and thrive in natural coco grow pots with a high moisture holding capacity.


Material Coconut fiber
Pot Shape Round or square pots
Capacity 250 ml (8 oz) to 4 liters (1 Gallon)
Packing As per requirement. Shrink wrap with retail label and comes in cartons
Bonding agent Natural latex