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Coir Grow Mats made of tightly woven coconut fibers are well know for growing microgreens, herbs, grass, micro herbs and used as base for grow trays. Comes in several sizes fitting 10″ x 20″ and other growing trays. Also used as base for tray to grow ground cover plugs. Roots grow through the coir mats easily. Micro greens, herbs and other plants can be grown directly on the mats or by applying a layer of growing media on top of the mats. These coir grow mats offer better aeration and healthy root development.


  • Made of natural, sustainable and biodegradable coconut fibers
  • Ideal for growing microgreens, herbs, grass, ground cover plugs and more
  • Popular among organic and fresh herb growers
  • Retains moisture and nutrients and release to plants
  • Excellent choice for commercial large scale growing as well as home gardening
  • Used with microgreen DIY grow kits.


Our coir tree rings are available in various sizes from 4 to 24 inches. On request, they can be cut to the buyer’s requirements.


SKU EN-CGS-1020, EN-CGS-1010
EN-CGS-1520, EN-CGS-2020
EN-CGS-4848, EN-CGS-4896
Size 10″ x 20″
10″ x 10″
15″ x 20″
20″ x 20″
4′ x 4′
4′ x 8′
custom made to your needs
Thickness 5 to 7 mm
Material Long Coco Fibers tightly woven