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Coco Poles Coco Poles
Coco Poles Coco Poles


Coco poles are made out of specially treated coconut fiber that is rolled on to poles for support of vines, shrubs and any other vegetable plants that need a support to give them protection while they are growing.
Coco poles are widely used in plant nurseries and horticulture farms. As well, they are ideal for supporting plants such as creepers or ornamental plants that are growing inside your home as d├ęcor on patios or in the garden. They are used a lot in vineyards as well for support for grape plants while they grow. The coir sheet around pole is made of natural and biodegradable coconut fibers, absorbs nutrients and moisture for slow release for plants. Helps to grow healthy plants.


Pole Diameter 1 to 2 inches
Pole Height 2 ft. to 6 ft.
Coir Thickness 0.25 inches
Material Coir fiber
Pole Material Wooden stick or PVC pipes