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Coir Growing Medium Coir Growing Medium
Coir Growing Medium Coir Growing Medium
Coir Growing Medium Coir Growing Medium


Buffered or Treated coir growing medium is one of our premium quality coir products. Our triple washed coir materials is treated with a buffering process to adjust the cation ratio exchange (CEC), to replace undesirable sodium and magnesium with calcium and potassium using a process called buffering. Growers who want the growing medium to have required calcium and magnesium, not to add any calcium and magnesium supplements and use balanced nutrient solution prefer buffered coir. The coir is treated with buffered solution based on customer requirements for CEC, Calcium, Sodium and Magnesium levels.

Offered as 11 pound (5 kg) bales, grow bags and 50 Liter loose coir bags.


  • Adjusted CEC with higher levels of calcium and magnesium which eliminates the need for supplements
  • Enables growers to use balanced nutrient solution and not worry about coir retaining the supplements
  • Ideal for hydroponic growers, berry growers and organic vegetables

Calcium 80 mg/L
Magnesium 7.8 to 8 mg\L
Sodium < 12 mg\L
Potassium 7.3 mg\L
Chloride < 31 mg\L
Calcium / Magnesium Ratio 10
Potassium / Magnesium Ratio 1.1