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Producing pro-planet and pro-people premium coconut coir goods.

Envelor Inc. makes coconut coir products that are held to the highest standards to consistently provide the best alternative growing medium for professional plant growers and hobby gardeners alike. Because we are all-natural, sustainable, and biodegradable, partnering with us means you are also helping protect the planet and nourish the future.

Our coconut plantations are home to one of the world’s best-graded freshwater coconuts. As compared to coastal coconuts which naturally contain more mineral salts, freshwater coconuts have purer, cleaner husks. This undeniably gives us the finest of raw materials. And to honor that, a tedious process is employed to ensure our coconut coir products have the perfect pH balance, moisture, and nutrients for richer, healthier plants.

At Envelor, we value our relationship with our customers. To keep our services exceptional, we invest in infrastructure that’s capable of handling large volume production and extensive client demands. We work with local farmers to procure and produce finest coconut husks. On top of that, we hire trusted local experts to oversee our manufacturing methods with utmost passion, precision, and respect.

Growing healthy plants and fresh produce already feels good, but using our coconut coir products makes it even better because of all the eco-friendly benefits that come along with each one. Learn more here.


Why Us

The most superior way to go soil-less.

Through the years, we have seen the dangers and disadvantages of using non-substainable and cheap commercial soil products; not only do they destroy ecosystems, they also threaten the environment by releasing carbon and greenhouse gases. Envelor was quick to find better solutions. To preserve the planet effectively, we produce ecologically smart,sustainable and high-quality coconut coir options instead. Not only are they the best alternative to growing crops and produce, they also improve livelihoods and positively impact climate change. Pro-planet processes, practices, and philosophy empower everything we do:

Commitment to goodness products

Nothing of our fine freshwater coconuts go to waste because they are constantly met with reliable, high-performance processes that transform husks into the best growing alternative medium. As great as our raw materials, our coconut coir products offer plants better care, aeration, and moisture. What’s more, they can be used multiple times for up to two years. They are made from purely biodegradable materials, so you can dispose of them without ever harming the environment.

Sustainable supply chain

One of our main objectives is to keep the supply chain as sustainable as possible starting from our thoughtfully sourced raw materials to the energy-efficient way we ship our products. By staying all-natural and organic, we supply clients and businesses with more ecologically effective products and solutions. For example, plants grown using our coir potting soil require 30 to 40 percent less water because they can retain moisture for a longer period of time. Small efforts like that go a long way in saving costs and resources.

Stringent quality control

To us, the number that matters more is that of satisfied customers,high quality produces and not of the volume of subpar coconut coir products produced. We prioritize quality over quantity, which is why we make sure we have access to every step in the production process, from our warehouses strategically located across the U.S. to our advanced infrastructure where all the manufacturing procedure takes place.

Excellent customer service

We champion honesty, integrity, and responsibility in our trade. Whether you are a professional plant grower or a home gardener, we aim to serve you during sales and beyond. To make sure all your specifications are met and that you are fully satisfied, we offer our services even after our products reach your doorstep. You can contact us anytime if you have further questions and concerns, so we can work together in ensuring you get healthy, high quality plants and produce.